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"Stagakis" traditional Cretan lyra

Κρητική Λύρα Σταγάκη"Stagakis" Cretan Lyra workshop is based at Rethymno town, Crete, Greece. We make traditional Cretan Lyras since 1945.


We build and send Lyras all over the world, wherever there is passion for the traditional Cretan art & music. The most famous and well known Cretan artists choose Stagakis Lyras. The wood used for Cretan Lyra construction is Walnut tree, Mournia, Austrian Kelembeki, Asfendamos and the extremely rare and precious Katrani.

Κρητική Λύρα ΣταγάκηThe explicit sound fidelity and crystal clear sound quality make the most famous Cretan artists choose Stagakis Lyras for over 60 years.

Some of the artists that have chosen Stagakis Lyras from 1945 until today >>

Announcement: The workshop has moved to a new location on Chatzimixali Giannari Street 45, next to Rethymnon General Hospital.
For more details visit the contact page »
λύρες 3ης γενιάς λύρες 3ης γενιάς λύρες 3ης γενιάς
"Stagaki! O Michalis sou se kalese kai i moira.
T Apollona na ftiaksete mazi mia nea lyra."
Written by Kostis Ι. G. Kallergis
Cretan lyra
brand "Stagakis"
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Traditional Cretan Lyra